7 inch (about 17.8 cm) concrete or masonry diamond wheel,24 turbine segments,30/40 grain size, medium adhesion
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Multipurpose - designed specifically for grinding, cleaning, leveling, or removing coatings on concrete and masonry
Our diamond grinding wheels are designed for fast and efficient grinding, leaving a smooth surface. Very suitable for grinding, cleaning, leveling, and coating removal, our diamond grinding wheel uses # 30/40 grit, with moderate adhesion, suitable for angle grinding. Use it for 5/8-inch -11 threaded shafts or 7/8-inch -5/8-inch non threaded shafts, as well as various segmented styles to solve any construction project at hand. Specification: Diameter: 17.88 cm Arbor: 1.59 cm -27.94 cm Thread section: 24 Double row section Gravel size: # 30/40 Gravel bonding type: Medium bonding equipment: Angle grinder

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